Looking for a simple way to shop smarter in 2017? Here’s a trick: Plan ahead and time your purchases so you can get the best deals. Sounds easy right? It can be! We’ve teamed up with retail expert Lisa Lee Freeman to uncover what to buy when and will be sharing monthly updates to keep you in the loop. This month’s Bargain alert: look for President’s Day sales and Valentine’s Day markdowns.

Here’s what else you should keep your eye out for this month:

  • TVs: You’ll find the best deals on TVs in the weeks around Super Bowl. Manufacturers are rolling out new models at the same time people are hunting down big screens for the big game. After the big game, whatever doesn’t sell gets marked down even more to make way for new TVs, which are introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Black Friday TV deals are also great, but are usually limited to select models and second-tier brands. The deals in February are typically deeper and broader.

  • Snacks: It’s National Snack Food Month, which means major supermarket sales on potato chips, dips, and other pig-out favorites, including soft drinks. Grab these delicious treats while they’re on sale!

  • Canned foods: It’s National Canned Food Month so stock up! In honor of National Canned Food Month, many retailers advertise big sales in circulars and offer lots of coupons on a variety of canned goods.

  • Socks and underwear: Make room in your sock drawer! End-of-season footwear and apparel sales include deals on undergarments.

  • Refurbished electronics: Check for open-box, floor sample, and refurbed items online and in stores. There will be lots to choose from in the aftermath of the holiday shopping frenzy.

  • Clothing: Yes, holiday months November and December may have the most clothing sales, but in February and especially around President’s Day Weekend, we see some of the most high value sales. Meaning it’s the month when you can find some of the highest percentage off discounts.