Whatever you're shopping for this month, keep an eye out for 'Christmas in July' sales for potential savings!

Here's our monthly collection of items you're most likely to find deals on.

Ice cream

It’s National Ice Cream Month so be on the look-out for deals at the grocery store. Your local ice cream shop may also have special offers for National Ice Cream Day on July 15.

DIY home supplies

If you're using your summer vacation to get some big jobs done around the house, look for deals on wood decking, and siding.

House paint

It's a great month for home improvement! Expect to find deals on paint and painting supplies as we head deeper in the month of July.

Designer handbags

Many department stores are starting to clear out inventory before the fall fashion rush so now's the time to pick up a new purse for summer.

Children’s toys

'Christmas in July' sales are growing in popularity. Many retailers are jumping on the trend and deeply discounting their children’s toys in order to make room for the latest and greatest for this year's holiday season. Set these toys aside for later and give as birthday or hold onto them for the holidays.