December is a month of celebrations, and these seasonal deals are perfect for helping you spread holiday cheer. Here are your best bets for savings this month.

Toys and games

Toy prices get slashed in December. You’ll find even some of this year’s hottest gifts are available in December at a discount after stores restock following November sales.

Ham and holiday meal supplies

You’ll find deals on spiral hams for less than $1 per pound. While they can be eaten any time of the year, meats like ham, turkey and prime rib have a holiday reputation and they tend to take up a lot of freezer real estate. Look out for even lower prices right after a holiday when demand is down and grocers want to make room.

Intimate apparel

Lingerie stores have big promotions on bras and lingerie in November and December.

Champagne and sparkling wine

Welcome to champagne season! Expect deals through New Year’s, but don’t limit yourself to champagne. Only sparkling wines produced in a specific region of France can earn the “champagne” label, making it rare. So consider less expensive sparkling wine alternatives like Italy’s prosecco, or Spain’s cava.


Only buy oysters in months with the letter 'R.' Does that sound familiar? Historically, this was because oysters weren’t as safe to eat in warm months, but it’s no longer the case due to modern technology and harvesting techniques. However, oysters spawn during warmer months and they become soft and fleshy. For the best quality, buy plump, rich, flavorful oysters now.