Welcome to August! Summer is at its peak, produce are fresher than ever, and if you are a parent, school is just around the corner for your kids. Although it’s a bittersweet month, there are still plenty of deals you can snag up before the fall hits! Your bargain alert for the month is around tax-holiday sales — this is a great time to snatch up that big ticket item while it’s hot.

Here’s our full list of deals to look out for:

Summer produce

Stock up! It’s peak season for produce and many fruits and veggies are at their lowest prices of the year. August produce deals include many items you can freeze and use all year, including most veggies — just be sure to clean, trim, and blanch them before freezing so they keep their flavor. Frozen berries are also an excellent school snack if you have little ones; put them in a container and they will be defrosted and ready for eating once recess hits.

Back-to-school groceries

Look for sales on lunch meats, snacks, cereals, and waffles. Stock up on the foods you can freeze or that will last in the pantry while prices are low, especially if you know you will need more later.

Sunscreen and bug spray

End-of-season sales will be in full swing this month. Sun and bug protection will still be useful into autumn, and it’s ideal to buy now if you’ve got a tropical vacation planned for the winter.


At this point the pickings will be slim but sales will be generous. Wait too long and you’ll have to wait until the winter cruise-wear collections come in.


Get to your local farmers’ markets for the best deals as farmers are looking to unload the last of their crops. Make them into delicious fresh pasta sauces that you can eat now and freeze some for later.

Home goods

During the tax holiday weeks, many furniture and home goods stores offer big sales. This is a great time to redecorate for the fall, or grab necessities if you have children that are going off to college.

Go seize the summer and the deals and let us know any great finds you discover!