You booked your flight with a seat sale and scored an amazing hotel deal online, now how do you keep your spending under control on vacation? If you use Flipp to save on essentials, you’ll be able to stretch your travel dollars to include more of the experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Whether you’ll be camping in the wilderness, taking a cross-country road trip, or exploring another city, Flipp will help you save all across the United States and Canada. Here’s how to plan ahead and save on the fly to stay within your budget.

Camping Trips

Make a list of everything you need on the Flipp Shopping List. Start early for expensive equipment like tents or air mattresses so you can keep an eye out for deals as your vacation gets closer. Waiting until the last minute crunch could mean paying full price or finding items out of stock. If you’re not sure where you begin, here’s a complete list of things you may need on a camping trip.


Food makes any camping trip! Plan your non-perishable purchases early when you see local deals. Snacks like granola bars, chips, and essential s’mores ingredients, are all things you can store in a pantry prior to the trip. For fresh food like meat, fruit and veggies, check your local ads to see which stores have good deals a few days before you leave.

Road Trips

Check your deals and buy items as you go! The best thing about a road trip is that you are always on the move, and the worst is that your deals are always on the move too! If you have a good idea of your general route of the trip, you can actually do some deal-espionage by changing the zip code or postal code within the Flipp. Enter your next destination to see the local stores and ads so you know what to expect when you arrive at the destination.


Did you forget to pack something? It’s bound to happen! Use the app’s Search function for anything you missed. From sandals to Snickers bars, there’s everything you need to feel prepared for your getaway.


Visiting a City or Town

Visiting a new city or town be disorienting! No matter the duration of your stay, it’s always a good idea to know what stores are nearby in case there’s anything you need. From grabbing groceries for some easy meals, to picking up a sweater if the weather forecast changes, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision on where to shop.

In your Flipp app, go into settings and update your location using “Locate Me” or by manually changing the zip code or postal code to your accommodations. You can also use “Nearby” mode from the Browse screen to see a map of stores in the area.


Traveling by air? Packing your own airplane snacks will keep you fromt overpaying at the airport! You can’t pack any liquids, but things like candy bars, chips and granola are always easy choices for adults and kids.

How will you make memories with the money you save?