You want it all this Thanksgiving: A healthy, yummy meal that delights your guests but doesn’t bust your budget. Is that possible? Absolutely! Here’s how to make a meal for 6 for under $30—that’s just $5 a person! The secret: Use the free Flipp mobile app and our super-easy, mouth-watering recipe ideas.

The Flipp app puts all of your local weekly ads at your fingertips. After you download it, click on the shopping list feature and you can input the recommended groceries below (or load your own paper shopping list). The app will automatically find your local circular deals, including coupons, for everything on your list! And you can now sync your Flipp list with a friend by tapping “Invite.” As you shop and check things off or add items, your friend on the shared list will see what’s been purchased and added.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Flipp Menu:

1. Shredded Brussels sprouts salad with green apple, pistachios, asiago, and creamy Dijon dressing

These aren’t your typical Brussels sprouts! The in-season little cabbages can definitely be eaten raw, and when they meet this mustard-spiked salad dressing, the result is a savory starter that your guests will love. The shredded raw sprouts are also tossed with crisp green apple, crunchy pistachios, and curls of sharp asiago.
You don’t need a lot of the more costly ingredients in this salad; just a sprinkle of nuts – buy in bulk for the best price – and a bit of sharp cheese elevates this salad.

Check this recipe out here!

2. Roasted whole turkey with sage compound butter

This recipe for the classic Thanksgiving favorite is the easiest turkey recipe you’ll ever use, and the only one you need.

This is probably the best time of year to buy turkey – I counted four types of turkey in one single flyer, all on sale! 0.69 cents was the least expensive one. Don’t worry about buying gravy – my recipe will yield fresh gravy right from the bird!

If you have money left over, I highly recommend to buy two turkeys and freeze one for Christmas or the New Year!

3. Mashed potatoes with celery root
Potatoes are always inexpensive – I found them for $2 for a 5lb bag - but when they’re mashed with celery root, you get an on-trend side dish that’s both unexpected and cost-effective.

4. Roasted sweet potatoes with vanilla butter sauce
Sweet potatoes are another classic Thanksgiving dish, but this year, skip the overly sweet marshmallow topping. Instead, toss your sweet potatoes in olive oil and roast them. Then, toss them in a vanilla butter sauce that’s simple to make using brown sugar ($1 a pound!), butter, and vanilla. I found sweet potatoes for 0.49 a pound, and butter for $2.69 for a pound – more than enough to make everything on your Thanksgiving menu.

5. Fresh cranberry relish
Don’t settle for gloppy, sugary canned cranberry sauce! Cranberries are a great deal for $2 a bag. Toss them, still frozen, into a food processor with a whole orange (skin and all!) and some sugar (always on sale at this time of year!) and you’ve got a freshly made cranberry relish that’s not only inexpensive, it’s also so much better-tasting than the canned stuff.

6. Stuffing
Besides dessert, this is the one and only boxed item on the menu. Boxed stuffing is a steal at $1, and it’s so easy to prepare.

7. Pumpkin Pie
You can make this holiday favorite yourself, or try the prepared pumpkin pie that I found for $3.48! Great deal!

Grocery List:

Total: $29.52