The concept of "spring cleaning" is usually associated with tidying up the house, washing windows, getting the yard ready for patio entertaining, and cleaning out your closet but when was the last time you sorted through your make-up bag? Your beauty routine could start working against you if you're not protecting your skin and eyes by using clean products and tools.

Clean up your daily beauty regime and make sure your face has a fresh spring glow with these four simple tasks:

1. Wash your cosmetics case

Okay, who isn't guilty of letting their makeup bag get a little grimy? There's always a palette that leaves behind some broken eyeshadow powder or a lipstick lid that pops off and smooshes some color into the bottom of the bag. We try to turn a blind eye for a little while but with product residue and bacteria on your brushes and sponges, things can get nasty inside. Think about it: those brushes, sponges, and applicators touch your sensitive eyes, lips and skin that you're trying to take good care of. Keep everything clean if you want clear skin and to avoid infections.

Throw that bag in the wash while it's empty and wipe down your palettes, bottles, and packages while they're out. If the zipper is broken or the seams are coming apart, maybe it's time to replace your makeup bag altogether.

2. Wash your makeup brushes and sponges

Are you part of the 22% of people who never clean their makeup brushes? We touched on this already, but your application tools will have product residue on them as well as bacteria, oil, and dead skin. Gross. If you haven't been washing them weekly, it's definitely time to clean your brushes thoroughly. It's more hygienic, you'll reduce the risk of blemishes, and you'll also lengthen the lifespan of your tools to get more bang (and better coverage) for your buck.

To clean your brushes, it's always good to check with their manufacturer for recommendations. You can also pick up special brush soap or shampoo from Sephora, your favorite department store's cosmetic counter, or at your local drug store. Gentle baby shampoo or dish soap can do the trick, too.

Whatever you do, don't put your clean brushes back in an unwashed bag or case! Try to keep the routine up at least once or twice a month if you just can't commit to the weekly task.

3. Purge old and expired products

As you're wiping down your product packaging, look out for expiry dates, especially if you have products with SPF. Not all products will "expire" but you should be replacing them regularly as they'll harbor bacteria and even mold over time. If you're not sure when it's time to say goodbye to your favorite lip gloss or mascara, Good Housekeeping has a full run-down of how often you should be replacing all of your cosmetics.

A few basic rules:

  • if it touches your eyes, you'll want to replace a product every few months

  • if you can't remember when you got it, it's probably time to go

  • to keep bacteria at bay, wash your hands thoroughly before using any products you put your fingers into, like pots of eyeshadow or jars of moisturizer

4. Consider your seasonal skincare needs

As the weather warms up, you'll probably be spending more time outdoors. If you're not already, consider adding sun production to your morning routine. You can layer on a facial sunscreen underneath your makeup or transition to a foundation with SPF built in. If you're living in a climate with dry winter weather where you have to use heavy creams to keep your skin glowing through the coldest months, you might prefer a lighter moisturizer for spring and summer. Use the Flipp app to watch for beauty sales to try something new or stock up on your favorites when they're on promotion. Especially if you just had to throw out all of your eye makeup in step three!