It might seem hard to believe with the chill in the air across much of the country, but spring break is nearly here. Whether you’re heading on a family trip or sticking closer to home, we’ve uncovered everything you need to make sure your holiday is a hit.


Help the kids burn some energy while also having a fun time. If you’re staying close to home, have the kids clean their rooms and watch as they discover all the gadgets and doodads they used to love. If you’re heading away for spring break, pick up a couple travel versions of their favorite toys to keep them entertained.


Another way to keep the kids busy while on spring break is to dig out some family favorite games, or pick up a few new ones that everyone is sure to love. While there is an obsession with all things technology-related these days, don’t be afraid to keep it old school. Board games are a fun and novel way to get everyone into a competitive mood -- and playing cards are a super compact and portable option while traveling.


Even though the kids get a break from school, you don’t get a break from lunch and snack duty. Make sure you have plenty of healthy options on hand to keep those tummies happy. Precut fruit and vegetables make a quick and healthy snack choice, and things like popcorn, tortilla chips, and trail mix are the perfect choice for a family movie night. And always make sure you’ve got a bottle of water handy to stay hydrated.

Travel Gear

If you’re heading away for spring break, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right gear. A rolling suitcase, stylish overnight bag, and toiletry bag make hitting the road a lot easier. Consider swapping your handbag for a crossbody in order to keep your hands free while navigating the airport or beach. Don’t forget the kids’ stuff -- there are so many cute options out there now for tiny travelers. If your destination is international, don’t forget to check that your passport is valid, and consider purchasing a special holder with RFID protection in order to prevent identity theft while traveling.


Murphy’s Law means you need to be prepared for a number of medical issues that might come up on spring break. Having a supply of antacids, antidiarrheals, and pain medication on hand will make sure everyone is comfortable even if they’re not feeling their best. Don’t forget to check that the first aid kit is stocked with bandages, antiseptic ointment, and other supplies for treating those inevitable accidents.


No matter your plans, make sure you have the right outfit for the job. For example, if you’re heading south for spring break, make sure you’ve packed those flip flops and a cute swimsuit. If you’re planning on hitting the slopes, warm weather gear like boots and mitts is essential. If you’re sticking closer to home, why not indulge in a little wardrobe makeover -- whether shopping your own closet for forgotten treasures or visiting the mall for a day out. Wherever your break finds you, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

Reading Material

Spring break is a great opportunity for catching up on all that leisure reading you’ve been putting off. Bring along your favorite magazine or that latest book club pick and enjoy a little quiet time. Load up your e-reader with your wish list before heading out if you’d rather not lug along all that extra paper weight.

Sun Protection

If you’re planning to spend any time outdoors during spring break, make sure you’ve packed the sunscreen. Yes -- even if it’s cloudy. Hats, coverups, and umbrellas also provide excellent protection from harmful UV rays. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses.


Don’t forget to pack the camera in order to capture all those family memories. Ensure you have enough batteries (or a charger) and a large enough memory card to hold all those important moments. If an underwater adventure is in the plans, pick up a waterproof case or disposable waterproof camera for the occasion. Ensure your device is packed securely in its own carrying case for protection and ease of travel.

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