Hello, boys and ghouls! Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com and BudgetBootCamp.com here. Halloween season is in full swing, and I love to throw our giant annual Page Halloween Bash. Our parties are not only extravagant, creative, over-the-top, and fun...but they are also uber frugal! Here are my best Halloween party tips that will save you time, headaches, and—of course—money.


First scrounge around and find uses for what you already have! Gather all of your old Halloween decorations and use those before running to the store. You can get creative and use materials lying around to DIY your own decor. An easy project is to fill black outdoor garbage sacks filled with balloons and secure them to a ceiling, then attach black party streamers as legs to create the ultimate giant ceiling spider. You can also shred black garbage bags and string them in doorways as a spooky entrance to any room.

A little lighting goes a long way! Borrow or buy a black light and use white balloons and inexpensive tulle to make ghosts that are bound to make an impression.


Make it a potluck. Guests love getting creative with their own Halloween treats, so ask everyone to bring a spooky side dish or dessert and lighten your load.

Our favorite Halloween party food is a caramel apple bar. Use the Flipp app to find the best deals on apples, candy, [ice cream toppings](https://flipp.com/search?q=ice cream toppings, cookies, and other goodies that can be used atop delicious caramel apples!

Head to Google and Pinterest for other fun/spooky treats such as Jell-o worms made in flexible straws, dry ice inside punch, and black bean dip that can be called any number of spooky names! Buy what’s on sale that week using the Flipp app as your guide, and you can feed a crowd without spending much at all.


While mingling tends to be the main event at any party, it’s always nice to have some organized activities as well. Use an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth and some simple props as a DIY photo booth. Play party games such as mafia, charades, or “yes or no” where you try to guess the celebrity’s name taped to your back by asking other guests only yes or no questions.

You don’t have to spend much to throw a party that everyone is bound to be talking about for years to come! Happy Halloween, everyone!