Have you ever caught yourself searching for a specific item around your house for hours on end? Are things in your house often misplaced and then never seen again? If your answer is “yes,” it might be time for some hands-on decluttering and organizing with the KonMari method. Brought to you by Netflix, Tidying Up With Mari Kondo has inspired viewers worldwide to pursue the art of decluttering. What’s great about this approach is that you don’t have to buy a pricey new desk or a brand new wardrobe. You can get organized by using everyday items found at the dollar store or around your house! The task of decluttering can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down into four key areas.

Tackle Your Fridge and Pantry

In the kitchen, organizing your fridge is simple with a couple of acrylic fridge bins. Smaller jars and containers can get lost easily, especially when your fridge is stocked from top to bottom with all the great deals you found on Flipp! Use the bins to store your smaller items so that you can quickly find them when needed.

You can also go for a complete pantry overhaul with glass jars for dry food, and baskets to categorize and store similar items. If you have some empty pasta sauce jars, don’t throw them away! You can upcycle these by using them to store things like nuts and spices. So before you get too excited buying a bunch of mason jars at the dollar store, see what containers you can wash and reuse.

Organize Clothes That You’ll Use and Love

For your clothes, Kondo suggests taking everything out of your closet and drawers, and dumping them all into a pile. Look at each item individually to decide what stays and what gets donated. If the item still serves utility or “sparks joy,” put it in a ‘keep’ pile.

Boxes or baskets that you can find at any dollar store can fit inside your drawers can help to tidy everything up. They’re often very pretty, and functional at the same time. The boxes will help you sort things like socks, underwear and bras so you can always find what you need. Don’t forget to fold the rest of your clothes into thirds and to store them upright in drawers (here’s Mari Kondo’s how-to video guide) for the full KonMari effect! Try to fold as many clothes as you can, so that you can save closet space and hangers for pieces that look “happier” hung up – such as flowy blouses, coats, and jackets.

Find A Permanent Home for Every Item

A great dollar store find might be a cosmetics tray and desk organizer. These compartmentalized trays can go on your bathroom countertop or inside drawers to store your makeup brushes, skincare, jewelry, and more. The key is to have a designated home for each item. This level of organization will save you precious time while you’re getting ready to head out in the morning.

Recycle Unwanted Papers

If you’re like most busy people, you probably have a drawer stuffed with documents and mail you promised you’d get to, but never did. You should begin the same way you did with your clothes. Lay out all your papers to examine them one by one, then recycle what you no longer want or need.

Get yourself a couple of magazine holders for documents you reference frequently and set them on your desk for easy access. For papers that you don’t usually need on hand, an accordion folder is an amazing storage solution. You can label each section to split up your documents, and they’re also compact enough to put away on your bookshelf.

Now that you know how easy and inexpensive it is to get organized using the the KonMari method, you’re ready for a trip to your local dollar store. Don’t forget to check Flipp first, then tackle the clutter with these tips. You’ll start to feel more at ease in your newly tidied home. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who you know will appreciate the sparks of joy that decluttering brings.