Changing your shopping habits can boost your bottom line at the grocery store, regardless of the price of cauliflower. With a few simple switches and the help of Flipp you can save up to 30% on your groceries throughout the year.

1. Crack the sales cycle code.

Retailers often offer significant sales on produce, meat, and dairy items throughout the month or in multi-week cycles. The trick is knowing when the sale hits so you can plan ahead and stock your shelves. Flipp helps consumers quickly and easily navigate numerous grocery flyers at once, so seeing patterns and making note of your grocer's sale cycle is simple.

2. Search to save.

A quick tap on the Flipp app gives you access to the ultimate savings tool: Flipp's product search. Enter the item you need -- such as chicken, broccoli, or even toilet paper -- and Flipp geo-targets the grocery sales in your area. No need to travel across town, Flipp finds the top grocery deals near you. Flipp search is fast and a huge time-saver for Canadians on the go.

3. Compare Unit Prices.

Grocery stores sell similar products from different manufacturers in different sizes and at different prices. But how do you tell which one is the best deal? Take a peek at the sale sticker for each item and compare the unit prices. For example, different jars of peanut butter could be selling for $0.80 per 100g, $1.20 per 100g, and $0.93 per 100g. Keep in mind that just because one brand boasts a sale sticker doesn’t mean it’s a better deal than the non-sale brand. Also, the biggest size isn't always the best price!

4. Use a list. Plan your meals.

Making a list and sticking to it can help you meal plan while curbing costly impulse purchases. The Flipp Shopping List keeps you organized by categorizing items and displaying flyer sales with an up-to-date view of what you need before hitting the stores.

5. Go frozen.

When the temperature across the country drops, the price of out-of-season produce often rises. If these fluctuating prices leave you craving a little stability, check out your grocer's frozen produce section to save up to 30% over imported fruits and vegetables. Frozen produce is flash frozen at its peak, so it's high on nutrition and taste. Plus it doesn't spoil so you won't throw it out.

Kerry Taylor is a consumer expert at