With its perfect mix of sweet and savory foods from both breakfast and lunch, brunch is a meal that everyone loves. From the menu to the decor, hosting this mid-morning meal doesn’t have to be a stressful event, thanks to these tips and tricks that will help simplify your holiday brunch.

Prep Ahead

As much as possible, you want to prep what you can ahead of time. From setting the table the night before, to making sure you have all ingredients on hand, prepping as much as you can ahead of time will cut back on your stress levels on the day of the brunch.

Treats such as pastries can easily be made a day in advance of your function, without losing their freshness. Main dishes such as quiche or strata can be cooked ahead of time and gently reheated while you prepare accompaniments and mingle with your guests. Some dishes, such as fruit salad, will even taste slightly better a day or two after you make them, as the flavors have a chance to develop.

Cook In Bulk

While preparing individual servings of bacon and eggs, pancakes, or fruit parfaits is super cute and Pinterest-worthy, it’s not exactly practical when it comes to hosting a group for brunch. You end up spending all your time in the kitchen slaving over the food, rather than spending time with your family and friends.

One quick fix is to prepare larger dishes that can be served family-style, instead of individual portions of recipes. Some perfect choices include baked oatmeal, frittatas, parfait, a yummy hash, or a whole smoked salmon. Bacon and sausages cook nicely on baking sheets in the oven as a time- and space-saving measure, if you’re not ready to give up traditional brunch foods. Both pancakes and French toast can be cooked just before guests arrive and kept warm in a low oven until you’re ready to serve.

And if cooking for a group is just too overwhelming a thought, consider hosting a potluck brunch so that each guest brings an appetizer, side dish, or dessert to accompany a hearty main dish that you provide.

Have A Signature Beverage

Mixing up individual drinks can be a time-consuming process -- not to mention the heap of dishes! Having a signature beverage that you can mix ahead in a punch bowl or large pitcher is ideal for group events. It allows guests to serve themselves whenever they’re thirsty, and prevents any awkwardness if they ask for something you don’t have in your bar cart.

Alternatively, you can always set up a bar cart with a small selection of alcohols and mixers, and place a few bottles of sparkling wine around the table for the main event. And always make sure to include a non-alcoholic option for your guests. Fresh-pressed juices and flavored sparkling water are excellent choices.

Don’t Forget The Decor

The holidays are a time to celebrate, after all, and decorations are a key part of the festivities. Sprinkle some festive candies along the table for guests to nibble on between courses, and don’t forget that seasonal flowers are always a great choice to add a little glam to your holiday brunch.

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