Aside from knowing the same set of embarrassing dad-jokes, every dad is different in their own fantastic way. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” gift for Father’s Day, so we’ve collected a series of popular items to help inspire you. From helping him to hit his fitness goals to giving him the tools to feed the whole family, here are some ideas for gifts that keep on giving.

Active Dads:

If your dad a fitness fiend? Whether he plays a weekly squash game or runs daily, these gifts will keep him on track to crush his fitness goals. Bonus: these items are often on sale so check your flyers to see which store has it in stock and discounted.

  • Fitbits: There are so many models now that you can track steps, heart rate, running distance and many workouts. Does your father like a little competition? Get yourself a fitness tracker as well and set up a family challenge!

  • Bikes: There are great deals for bikes this time of the year. Get your dad a new set of wheels so he can spend the rest of the summer enjoying exercise outside.

Gadget Dads:

He’s the cool dad. If there’s a new tech gadget on trend, he’s read about it and seen all the reviews. If this sounds like the man in your life, indulge him with the latest and greatest gizmos.

  • Smart home devices: From Amazon Echo to Google Home and many more, a smart home device is a great gift to help dad organize his life digitally.

  • Apple Watch: There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch is a hot item for Father’s Day. Flipp Tip: With the new Series 2 model out, the Apple’s Series 1 watches are on sale for a great price.

Home Improvers:

He’s the dad you can count on when something needs fixing. Broken pipe? No problem. New paint job? He’s the first person you call.

  • Tool Set: As mentioned in our What to Buy When- June Edition, Father’s Day brings out many sales on tool sets. If the dad in your life doesn’t have one yet, this is the perfect time to find great deals for this gift.

  • Lawn Mower: A good tool makes a tough chore better! Lawn mowers are discounted this time of the year, so gift your dad one to help him maintain the lawn easier and faster.

Chef Papa In the House:

Whether he’s most comfortable in the kitchen or in the backyard barbecuing, this dad makes sure you are happy and fed.

  • Barbecue Tool Set: Do the whole family a favor by getting him a new set of tools for his barbecue. Everyone wins with this gift!

  • Patio Set: Dad’s home-cooked meal will taste even better with everyone he loves gathered around a comfortable outdoor dining table. Give him a night off from the grill and plan a family get-together to kick off many more summer dinner parties to come.

What are you getting for Dad this year? Leave a comment below!