It might be cold outside, but hibernation shouldn’t be in your plans if you want to stay healthy and happy this year. In fact, many of you probably made New Year's’ resolutions that have something to do with eating healthier, so I’m here with Flipp to help you achieve those goals.

Eating healthier starts with buying the right foods. I’m going to show you how to incorporate four nutritious foods into your diet by using delicious, healthy recipes that are perfect for getting you started on your resolutions.

The featured ingredients in the recipes below are usually a bit pricey so I set out to find the best price on the Flipp app. The key is to buy the premium items on your grocery list strategically — wait to purchase them when they’re on sale and rotate these foods in your diet with less expensive options.


We all know that the good fats and fiber in nuts and nut butter are heart-healthy and keep you feeling satisfied between meals. Nuts and nut butter make fantastic additions to meals and snacks for extra flavor and nutrition. Buying ready-to-eat jars of butter (especially varieties like almond and cashew) can be expensive so check Flipp before you shop to see where they’re on sale. If you don’t see any deals in your area but you notice that bulk nuts are on sale, opt for those instead and make your own. Here’s a delicious three-ingredient almond butter recipe from Nourish Nutrition for inspiration.

I also love peanut butter, which has plenty of protein and healthy fats and tends to be less expensive than other types of nut butter. I used Flipp to find a 16 oz tub of it for just $2 - score! It’s worth stocking up with a couple jars when you find a deal this good.

Protein Boosters

Protein helps keep us fuller for longer, and helps to heal those muscles that you’re going to be working in your exercise routines. (That’s the other New Year’s resolution you set, right?)

This recipe for chocolate pomegranate overnight oats from Nutrition Starring You uses protein powder, and is a perfect make-ahead breakfast! I used Flipp to find a 42 oz container of oats for $1.99, 2 lb of chocolate whey protein powder for $16.99, and a set of 12 mason jars to transport your oats in for $7.99. Awesome deals, and an easy grab-and-go breakfast for busy mornings!

For those of you who love sweets but have resolved to cut down on the junky treats, these cookie dough protein bars from Hummusapien will be your new go-to.

Some people prefer to get their protein from Greek yogurt. This thick, high-protein dairy product is still really trendy, but it can be very expensive - unless you know how to find a great deal.

My lemon poppyseed protein pancakes call for plain Greek yogurt, and I found a big 35.3oz tub with Flipp for an incredible $4.99! I even used the Flipp app to find my favorite cast 12” iron skillet to cook them in for $9.99.

Healthy Cooking Oil

Avocado oil is a relatively recent trend that’s super healthy and easy to incorporate into your diet. You probably already use olive and other oils for cooking and making salad dressing, but I believe that a healthy diet includes a variety of fats. If you do a lot of stovetop cooking, you might want to try using avocado oil. A source of good monounsaturated fats, avocado oil is perfect for using at high temps because of its high smoke point. It’s also neutral, so it has no flavor to interfere with whatever you’re making.

To get started cooking with avocado oil, try making my spicy curry lemon basil chickpeas! The chickpeas make excellent salad toppers, add a nice kick to a veggie bowl (perfect to clean out your produce drawer and take to work for lunch) or you can smash them up to put in a sandwich.

Whatever your New Year's resolutions are, Flipp can help you find everything you need to reach your health goals in 2018.

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