My biggest beef with grocery shopping is redoing my list every week. Without fail I peek into my pantry, reorganize my fridge, make a meal plan, and re-itemize all the groceries I listed last week. Repeat again next week. Ugh.

If your food loves and family meals are anything like mine, chances are you buy same stuff almost every trip too. So when I updated to the latest version of Flipp and found the new "Shopping List History" feature, I figured my top pocket shopping app could not only save me $10 to $25 every grocery trip, but would now spare me from wracking my brain to remember previous grocery hauls.

If you're into saving both money and brain cells, here's how to get Flipp to totally recall that ricotta you shouldn't forget.

1. Update: You'll need Flipp Version 5.1 or greater to see your list history. Come back when you're done.

2. Make History: In the Flipp app's menu, tap "Shopping List" for some tasty options. If you've just updated, this will be highlighted with a little "New" icon.

If your Shopping List is empty, go ahead and tap the "See Recommended Items" button -- a screen of food and pharmacy icons displays. Flipp neatly organizes your most loved foods under Popular Items and weekly lists. Individually select a picture to populate your shopping list, or tap "Select All" to get your list loaded faster. Tap "Add Items" to build a new list from your history.

3. Reuse: Get to your shopping list history fast by tapping the circle plus icon (it's beside the camera) and your previous items are at your finger tips. Select or Deselect icons as you like. Tap "Add Items" to make your list.

4. Get your kids to help: My five-year-old daughter loves to help me plan her school lunches and after class snacks, so I use Flipp to teach her about nutrition, food costs, and family budgets. It sounds tricky but Flipp's shopping list and recommended items features make meal planning easy and fun. Besides, the chicken, cheese, and toilet paper icons are super cute.

5. Build Your Intelligence: Over the next few weeks Flipp will remember the stuff you love most and keep it saved in your Recommended items. Be sure to Edit or Delete Lists to start fresh each week and reuse your history when you need to refresh your memory.

Don't forget to build your shopping list by clipping retailer flyers and matching manufacturer coupons -- you might just save a few extra bucks.

Kerry K. Taylor is a consumer expert at