Decorations are up, holiday songs have taken over, and budgets might be starting to feel a bit tight. It’s that wonderful time of year again! The winter holidays are fun and magical, but they can also be an expensive and hectic time for families. The lights, the food, the presents, and don’t forget the tree!

You’ll never go wrong with traditional greens and reds when it comes to holiday decor, but if you want to try something different here are this year’s top Christmas tree decorating trends. They’re great for your holiday needs, and of course your budget.

The DIY Tree

The do-it-yourself trend is stronger than ever, so don’t be afraid to make your own ornaments and save yourself some dollars. Visit your local craft and dollar store, and don’t forget to check the Flipp app for deals! You’ll add tons of personality to your tree, and could even make it a family activity. Use spare wine corks, and transform them into ornaments by painting characters on them, or transform them into reindeer with some pipe cleaners and eyes. Got some spare mason jar lids lying around? You can also make ornaments out of them! Pinterest is ripe with inspiration and instructions this time of year.

The Neutral Tree

In 2018, neutral is the way to go. Match the colors on your tree to the decor in the room. You could describe this tree as under decorated, since your ornaments should be spread out and the majority of the tree branches should be visible. Bonus: you don’t have to buy too many ornaments. Hey, every dollar counts! The point here is to embrace the tree’s natural look and use it as one more cohesive piece of your overall decor.

The Sparse Tree

This tree has taken over the internet, with dispersed branches and a clearly visible trunk. It’s so popular that you can now find artificial ones for sale, so you better hop on Flipp! With the right decor this tree can look chic and modern. Another plus of this style is that it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as a traditional tree. If you’re working with a small space, you should consider it!

The Fun-Sized Tree

Speaking of tight spaces, tiny trees are an even greater alternative for small apartments or offices. Not to mention how adorable they look! If you’re too busy for a full-fledged Christmas tree this year, a tiny tree will be ready to go in less than ten minutes. If you have small children, the size of this tree will also make it easier for them to get involved in the decorating. Display the tree on a tabletop or windowsill for maximum cuteness.

The Rustic Tree

Want that cozy cabin with a fireplace kind of feeling? Well, you’re in luck because rustic is one of the top holiday decorating trends this year. This nature-inspired tree is best decorated with plaid ribbons, berries, and branches. You could even add some pinecones if you can find some lying around your yard or nearby park. If not, your local dollar store is the place to get them.

With these ideas, decorating your tree should be a piece of gingerbread cake! Add your decoration shopping list to Flipp and you're all set. Now it’s your turn to make this your best Christmas tree yet.

What other decorating trends have you noticed this year?