You’ve been combing through the Boxing Day deals on Flipp, you made your shopping list and you’re counting down the hours to Boxing Day. You know which stores you need to hit first to get the door-crasher deals before they sell out. Now, don’t let your planning be all for naught by running out of energy or forgetting something at home. Before you leave the house on Boxing Day, check your purse to make sure you’re set up for success.

Water bottle

Don’t let a headache from dehydration distract you from your mission. Bring along a refillable bottle of water to stay hydrated so you’re not throwing out single-use plastic bottles or searching for somewhere to buy a drink.


Hungry decisions are often bad decisions; lines will be long and mall food will be mostly unhealthy. Before you get hangry and reach for a candy bar at the checkout, nibble on something that will give you some energy without weighing you down. Need some inspiration? Grab some fruit, a handful of nuts, a cereal bar, or try mixing up a batch of nutritionist Abby Langer’s blueberry chia energy bites.

Smartphone (with the Flipp app)

It goes without saying since most of us don’t leave home without it, but you definitely want your phone for Boxing Day shopping and Flipp will have your back all day. If you need to check prices or see which stores are nearby, you can find it all on Flipp. You can load your shopping list in the app and check things off as you go. Share the list with a shopping partner so you can divide and conquer before the best deals sell out and you’ll be able to see their updates in real-time. Download the app before you go.

Mobile power bank and charging cord

Whether your kids are burning through your phone battery playing games while you wait in line or you’re Instagramming your Black Friday haul, you definitely want to have an extra charge in your purse. A power bank is affordable and easy to buy from a department store or your local electronics shop, and most of them will bring an iPhone back to life a couple of times. Just remember to charge it fully the night before!

Game-time playlist

Time to get pumped up! Put together a playlist of songs that energize you to listen to in the car, while you shop, or even when you’re in line — just in case you’re not into the holiday tunes in store. If you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious, an app like Calm or Headspace can help keep you grounded by listening to one of their guided meditations while you wait to cash out.

Your wallet

Okay — this one’s obvious, but it never hurts to double check before you leave the house. Make sure you’ve got your debit or credit card of choice.

Good luck chasing down those deals!