Electronics and tech gadgets are always hot deals for Black Friday. We asked tech expert Marc Saltzman what’s trending in tech for 2017 and he shared his picks for home entertainment, mobility, tech toys, and gaming.

Read on for Marc's recommendations to help you navigate the deals and buy with confidence.


4K TVs

Delivering four times the resolution of HD TVs, these new 4K TVs offer crystal clear detail in your TV shows, movies, sports, and video games. Look for a 4K TV with “HDR” (high dynamic range) for better contrast ratios (whiter whites and deeper blacks), brightness, and more vibrant colors.

Wireless Speakers

Another popular category, wireless speakers usually come in two flavors: Bluetooth, which is often found in smaller and more portable battery-powered speakers, and Wi-Fi, which are usually app-controlled, meant to stay in one place in the home and can often sync with Wi-Fi speakers in other rooms to play the same music simultaneously.

Smart TV Sticks and Boxes

Turn your regular TV into a smart one, with the help of a small, Wi-Fi-enabled device you plug into your television. Whether it’s a stick or box, you’ll have access to hundreds of on-demand channels, such as your favorite video streaming services. Most of these add-ons also let you wirelessly play content from your smartphone or tablet to your big-screen television.



If it’s time to upgrade the one device you never leave home without, there is no shortage of options available. Whether you go with Android or iOS, today’s smartphones offer big and beautiful screens to consume content, exceptional cameras to capture memories around you, and access to app stores to truly customize your experience.


Tablets have many compelling features: they’re super thin and light; they turn on right away and last all day on a single charge (and then some); it’s comfortable to use your fingertips to tap, swipe and pinch; and tablets are conducive for reading ebooks and digital magazines. You’ll find a variety of sizes, too, typically ranging from 7 to 12 inches.


Designed for both work and play – for your 9-to-5 life at the office or school, and your 5-to-9 downtime at home – laptops today are thinner and lighter, and available in one of three operating systems: Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s MacOS, and Google’s Chrome OS. Some are “2-in-1s,” which can transform from laptop to tablet and back again by bending back the screen 360 degrees.



Whatever you call them – drones, quadcopters or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – it’s incredibly fun to take flight with one of these controllable tech toys. Whether you use an app or a dedicated controller, you can master the friendly skies, capture (and share) breathtaking footage from above and, in some cases, play games in midair.


Becoming a hot trend, buildable and controllable robots are great fun for kids and kids at heart. Available in multiple shapes and configurations, and sometimes requiring coding, robots are ideal to help encourage S.T.E.M. learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) — but don’t tell the kids that. Some app-controlled robots are tied to popular movies and TV show characters.

RC Cars

If four wheels are more desirable than four propellers, there are many different app-controlled car racing options available – some you can play on a track (which you first build), while others are for more open racing or battling, along with other cars controlled by friends.


Home Consoles

By taking advantage of Black Friday deals, perhaps this is the year you treat the family to a new TV-based console system. The three big players are PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch — the latter of which can also be played as a portable gaming system. Each console has multiple games to choose from, support for online multiplayer matches, and much more. Game on!

New Games

If you’re shopping for someone (er, or yourself) who already has the hardware to play it on, new video games are always a great pick. If you’re gifting it to someone, ensure you’re buying for the right system, a genre they like (such as action, sports, or role-playing), and be aware there are recommended age ratings in the corner of every box (such as “E” for Everyone, “T” for Teen, and “M” for Mature).

Virtual Reality

The only thing better than playing video games on a television or computer is donning a headset and being transported to virtual worlds with 360 degrees of freedom. Virtual reality (VR) experiences are like you’ve never seen, heard or felt before – whether you opt for a VR headset that works with a PC, TV, or smartphone.

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