Here at Flipp, it’s no surprise that we love apps. When it comes to kicking off the year with a fresh set of goals, your phone can be the accountability partner you’re looking for. From training to run your first race to setting a personal reading record this year, chances are there’s an app to help you along the way. Here’s a round-up of some popular New Year’s resolutions and our ideas to help you accomplish them.

Read More Books

If you’re falling behind at book club because finding quiet time to read is a problem for you, Audible (iOS | Android) will let you multitask to stay on top of your reading list. Perfect for commuters, audio books let you “read” safely in the car, while you walk, or on public transit. Cooking, folding laundry or cleaning won’t seem like such a chore with someone reading to you. Check out your local library, too — you may be able to borrow audiobooks or e-books for free using an app that's compatible with their system.

Whether you prefer paper, e-reading or audio books, GoodReads (iOS | Android) is a community of book lovers where you’ll find reviews, reading lists, and inspiration. Use the app to keep track of your tally for the year and connect with friends to see what they're reading.

Move Your Body

The fitness app space is booming, so spend some time exploring the App Store or Play Store to find an app for your activity of choice. If you’re a new runner, something like C25K (iOS | Android) can help you build up to your first 5k run. Strava (iOS | Android) is a popular choice for runners and cyclists who want to map and share their routes and times with friends and see how their segment times stack up against other athletes on the same stretch.

For a wider selection of workouts, look for something like Aaptiv (iOS | Android) or Nike Training Club (iOS | Android) for guided workouts and fitness plans that you can follow at home or in the gym. The best fitness app is the one you’ll use most because you enjoy it, so test a few out before you commit to a plan.

Slow Down

While getting more active is traditionally a popular resolution, many people are realizing the benefits of stillness. Peaceful practices like mindfulness and meditation can help you reduce anxiety, manage stress, improve focus and productivity, and sleep better. Headspace (iOS | Android) is an excellent introduction to meditation using helpful educational animations. If you want to dive right in, choose from a wide selection of themed guided meditations like mindful eating, happiness, letting go of stress or finding focus. They even have exercises for kids. Insight Timer (iOS | Android) is another popular choice.

Get Adequate Sleep

If getting enough rest is high on your list of priorities this year, you should aim for a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule. A sleep app can help you wind down at the right time and give insights into the quality of your sleep. If you got a new smartwatch or FitBit over the holidays, you’ve likely got tracking built into your device and corresponding app on your phone. You don’t need a wearable to track your sleep, though. Check out Sleep Cycle (iOS | Android) with an intelligent alarm clock that will wake you up when you’re in a light sleep phase to wake you up gently and on time.

Stay Organized

Evernote (iOS | Android) is a feature-packed notetaking app that you can access from your phone or computer. It does far more than capture thoughts on the go and to-do lists, you can also go paperless by scanning documents, handwrite notes, add photos and images, collaborate with family or teams, and use their templates to take better notes. Everything can be tagged, searched and organized into different notebooks, so you’ll never lose a note again!

Create Healthy Habits

Consistency is key to success when you’re working towards a goal. Habit Bull Habit Tracker (iOS | Android) can help you start any new routine like taking your vitamins daily, hitting the gym a certain number of days a week, drinking enough water or flossing my teeth. You can set your desired habit, how frequently you want to do it, and set reminders to give you that extra nudge. A bit like putting stickers or checkmarks on a calendar, you let the app know every time you do your desired activity and it cheers you on.

Eat Healthier

You might be trying to get back on track with healthy eating habits after the busy holiday party season. Eating well doesn’t need to be complicated or boring, and finding new recipes that make you feel inspired about mealtime will make it so much easier. Pinterest (iOS | Android) is an easy place to start, a popular spot to save favorite recipes for all sort of tastes and diets from around the web. If there’s something you’ve got a craving for, a quick search for that food or ingredient will yield endless options. For those of us who are working on eating more vegetables, you’ll find plenty of plant-based meal ideas the Oh She Glows (iOS | Android) app.

Spend Less, Save More

No surprise here, but our go-to app for shopping and saving is Flipp (iOS | Android). Whether you’re trying to shop smarter by finding the best deals or just reduce your overall spending to save for something like a home, trip or school, we’ve back your back. Build your digital shopping list to see where everything you need is on sale, browse the hottest deals in your area or check out the ads for your favorite local retailers. Flipp is more for than just groceries — find deals on everything you need, including gifts, clothes, home improvement supplies, and big purchases like appliances. If it’s on sale, you’ll find it on Flipp.