Black Friday can be very overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. There are so many sales, crowds, and long lines. Today, I am going to teach you how to navigate Black Friday with little stress and HUGE savings!

First, what makes Black Friday shopping so unique is that retailers literally pull out all their best deals, and since there is so much competition for customers they offer bonus incentives to get you to come into their store. We see huge discounts of up to 80% off certain hot items, generous 30% off the entire store coupons, and cashback offers when you spend a certain amount of money.

In order to prepare ahead and make the Ultimate Black Friday Shopping Strategy, you need to do these nine things first.

1. Create a list of people you need to buy holiday gifts for.

Make sure the list is thorough and includes family, friends, co-workers, and service providers in your life such as your babysitter, mail carriers, and hair stylist. Even if you only give someone a small token, be sure to add them to your list.

We purchase three gifts for each of our kids, so we already know what the big gifts are by Black Friday. Read about why we only give our kids three gifts.

2. Look at your income and your outgoing expenses for the month.

Now that your list is made, look at your monthly income and your outgoing expenses for the month. What is the surplus that is left at the end of the month?

This will be your disposable income you can put towards your holiday gifts. I always plan for Christmas starting in January and set aside a small amount each month in a Christmas Fund so that we have a budget to pull from at the end of the year. If you haven't done that yet, start now and figure out where you can reduce spending for a couple months in order to set aside a small budget for gifts.

3. Look for ways to increase your budget.

Is your budget not quite enough? Now is the time to brainstorm additional ways to make money this holiday season.

A few ideas to make some extra money quickly: You could offer a few babysitting days for other moms to get their own holiday shopping done, have a garage sale, sell items on local online marketplaces, or pick up a side job one or two nights a week for a short season.

4. Set your Black Friday budget.

Combine your disposable income amount, your holiday fund you've been saving all year, and any additional income you have earned to set your total holiday budget.

You may not wish to allocate the entire amount towards gifts — make sure you keep some reserved for emergencies, holiday dinner, wrapping supplies, etc.

5. Using your budget, allocate a dollar amount for each person on your list.

Now that you have figured out your total budget, decide how much you would like to spend on each person and make a note.

6. Start browsing store ads for gift ideas that fit your budget.

Use Flipp to scan through all the store ads and find the best deals. Flipp will have all the Black Friday ads and a digital shopping list. It saves you so much money, but also time!

If you are looking for a particular gift, just type it in the search bar on Flipp and it will show you where that item is on sale.

7. Plan your shopping.

On Black Friday, you should plan to shop from the front of the store to the back. Most retailers put their best deals front and center. If you want the best deals, you should get there when the store opens, or as soon after as possible. Most stores only allocate a certain amount of those doorbuster deals and once they are gone, they are gone.

Try not to use a shopping cart — it’s harder to navigate around the store. I often bring reusable shopping bags with me and carry my purchases.

8. Be prepared.

Long waits and a lot of walking can make for some pretty uncomfortable feet and backs. Be prepared with comfortable shoes and dress in layers that can easily be taken off. Stores get very warm because of the crowds, so wear a short-sleeve shirt under a sweatshirt so you don’t overheat.

Pack your purse with some key items: bottled water, snacks with protein, coupons, and your phone with the Flipp app.

9. Shop with a friend and split up for doorbusters.

Bring a friend and divide and conquer the deals. You can sync your Flipp Shopping Lists together and check off the items as you pick them up so your friend can see the app updating in real-time.

Last but not least, remember to be in a joyful spirit, have patience, and have fun with your shopping!