1. Have a list? Add it to Flipp using Photo List! We get it--sometimes the good old pen and paper shopping list is the way to go! But it gets tricky when you have to hit the stores and suddenly you forget that trusty list at home. You can now take a photo of your paper shopping list and add it to your Flipp app. Flipp will even transcribe your list for you, and find deals for the items on your list. It’s the second closest thing to magic.

  2. Starting fresh? Check out our Recommended Items. This list shows you the top items we think you need. Tap on the icons and add them at once to save yourself some time. This is mighty helpful to remind yourself of some staples you otherwise may have forgotten.

  3. Teach your shopping list! Use the Shopping list over a couple of weeks and Recommended List will remember what you added the previous weeks. It will organize these into your personal history, and recommend them back to you so you never miss your personal staples again.

  4. Type in items while on the go! Already know exactly what you need? Another way to utilize the list is to add items by simply by typing them in. Those Pillsbury Doughboy cookies aren’t going to remember themselves, honey :)

  5. Check if there are deals for what you’re going to buy. Finding deals on things you’re going to buy anyways is one of the best feeling in the world. Click into your Shopping List items to see which stores have the items you need on sale. If it’s on sale, you’ll find it here!

  6. Waiting for something to go on sale? Sometimes there’s a big-box item you really want, but can wait for. A great way to watch for the sales it is to leave the items in your shopping list and check every week to see if it’s in the ads.. This an easy way to keep tabs on staples and stock up on them when they go on sale!

  7. Hit the stores with Store Mode! Now that you have everything ready on your list, you’re ready to hit the stores. When you are close to a store, check if that store is available on Store Mode. Go into Store Mode to have all your Shopping List items broken down by aisles! The days of being lost in a store while looking for that one sneaky item is over.

That’s it! Use these Flipp tips to save more time this week while you conquer that shopping trip.