Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year and it’s a great time to snag amazing bargains — if you know when, where, and how to shop. Here’s a game plan to help you get ready for the big day from our friends Lisa Lee Freeman and Mandy Walker at the Hot Shopping Tips podcast, which you can check out on iTunes as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other podcast apps.

Make a list and check the prices twice.

Never shop on Black Friday without a list! It will help you stay focused and avoid overspending. When making your list, keep in mind that Black Friday is best known for huge markdowns on TVs, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. Be sure to note features you want, keeping in mind that the best deals will likely be on special sale models and last-generation products. Then start checking prices so you’ll know a really good deal when you see one on Black Friday!

Keep an eye on the flyers!

Use the Flipp app to keep on top of all the deals and develop your “shopping itinerary.” Flipp lets you browse the local weekly ads so you can plan your purchases. Even better, create your shopping list on the app and it will automatically round up the sales for every item you want to buy so you’ll know exactly where to shop for everything! Just be sure to read the fine print on the weekly ads; many doorbuster deals are “in-store only” so you'll want to plan to be there early.

Cherry-pick the best sales.

As the saying goes, don’t spend all of your money in one place! Your shopping itinerary should include lists of deals you want to snag at different stores. Plan to buy those items and move on to the next stop. If you decide to stick around and shop at any store, always compare prices on Flipp to avoid getting carried away by sale signs, especially when it comes to cords, cases, and other accessories for those new electronics, which might not be great deals.

Don't miss out on Turkey Day deals.

Although many stores will be closed during the holiday (including Costco, Home Depot, and TJ Maxx), all of the major retailers will be unveiling early Black Friday doorbusters online. So if you don’t want to interrupt the family holiday with a trip to the mall, check the ads of your favorite retailers! Online doorbusters might be different than in-store ones, but you’ll find loads of bargains. Keep in mind that some of the best deals that roll out on Thanksgiving Day might be sold out by Black Friday.

Take advantage of free shipping deals.

This year, Best Buy is offering free shipping to everyone. And Target and Walmart are offering free two-day shipping with no minimums and a $35 minimum, respectively. And don’t forget Free Shipping Day, which is December 14 this year. That’s when hundreds of retailers offer free shipping deals.

Save some of your holiday shopping for later!

The markdowns on clothing, toys, and many home goods get even juicier in December. And if you can wait until after Christmas, you’ll be treated with eye-popping post-holiday sales of 60% or more, especially on sweaters, coats, and boots.

Check out the Hot Shopping Tips podcast for more smart shopping strategies and inspiration.