Christmas is only a few days away and you're not done buying gifts — what do you do? I have some amazing tips to save money, even when you've left your gift shopping down to the wire. Thankfully, many stores like Target and Walmart are open until 11 pm on Christmas Eve to help you meet the deadline — just be sure to check store hours with your local retailers and plan accordingly.

Follow these tips to keep your cool and save on your last-minute purchases.

1. Make your shopping list before you go to the store.

A list will keep you on track, within your budget, and prevent impulse purchases. Create your shopping list in a digital app like Flipp. Using Flipp, you can sync lists with family members, making it really easy to shop at the same time and see live updates of what your shopping partner has already picked up.

2. After you make your shopping list, browse Flipp for the best deals.

By putting an item on your shopping list, Flipp will show you all the deals at your local retailers for that product. Make a note of where you plan to get every item on the shopping list, then create your travel plans.

3. If you don’t know what to buy, pick up a gift card.

Many stores have gift card promotions where you can buy a $100 gift card for $85. Tucking it inside a nice greeting card makes for a simple gift that will please anyone.

4. Sign up for your favorite retailers' email lists.

Most of them are emailing out last-minute coupon offers and alerting their subscribers of new deals to save on any outstanding gifts.

5. Make it yourself.

There are so many wonderful recipes online for DIY sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and — if all else fails — you can always bake some cookies. Search Pinterest for inspiration and see what thoughtful gifts you can make with items you already have lying around your house.