There are certain points in our lives where we know it's time to get organized and it can be for a variety of reasons.

Personally, now that school just began, this was the perfect time to get organized to create the perfect learning environment for kids. Here I've listed a few ways I like to get organized, regardless of the occasion. A good foundation for organizational skills is all you need!

  1. Make a list. What are you getting organized for? What tools will make your environment more conducive to your needs?

  2. Start somewhere. When I'm organizing my closets I find the task daunting. Weeks and months pass before I even attempt rearranging them because I never know where to start. Once I get into one closet, I find it much easier to get in a good groove. So, my advice to you is start ANYWHERE- just start!

  3. Declutter. No matter what the occasion, decluttering always makes you feel better, and helps get you in the mindset you need to be in. It always feels good to get rid of excess baggage! You can then also donate your items to a local charity or second-hand store. It's a win-win for both parties!

  4. Invest in storage. Whether it's plastic bins or canvas boxes, utilize storage to your needs. I always look through the Flipp app to see who has storage bins on sale. Some weeks Walmart runs great deals while other weeks I find a steal at Staples. Flipping through all the circulars at your fingertips on the Flipp app make it super easy to bargain hunt. Once I have my storage bins, I label them and sort everything that needs sorting.

  5. Set rules. Everything should be placed back where it belongs. You've come a long way and organized your life, keep it that way! Take a toy out, put it back when you're done playing with it. Use the scotch tape? Place it back in the drawer when you're done using it. These small everyday tasks can keep you organized longer and help your day to day tasks.

How do you get organized for the fall?