Hello sunshine!

Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com and BudgetBootCamp.com, here. Spring is finally here and I am soaking up all this sunshine. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal and beginning and one of my favorite things to do is Spring clean. It’s a great way to give your house a deep clean after Winter and also prepare for those lazy Summer days just around the corner. Here are 5 of my best Spring Cleaning tips I want to share with you today!

1. Vinegar

I like to call this my cleaning secret weapon! It’s so cheap (literally a couple bucks at the store, use the Flipp app to see if/when it goes on sale) and can clean almost anything! You can add it to your dishwasher or washing machine to give them a deep clean, plus it helps your whites stay brighter and your dishes crystal clean. Another great use for vinegar is windows! Make a solution of 1 part vinegar, 10 parts warm water and use a clean cloth to wipe those windows clean. Vinegar can also replace your toilet bowl cleaner. Simply pour some in, let it sit for 5 minutes, give it a scrub and flush. If you have more stubborn spots you can use a spray bottle of vinegar to spray directly and follow the previous directions.

2. Wax Paper

Wax paper can be used to scrub with or protect surfaces. Line drawers with it to keep them oil and crumb free. A great way to keep your baseboards clean is to rub it with wax paper after cleaning them. This prevents new dirt and dust from sticking. Similarly, try wrapping a sheet of wax paper around the base of a wet/dry mop (like Swiffer) and using it to pick up dust and dirt. If you have water spots on your faucets rub wax paper around them. Not only does it buff out the spots, but it leaves a shiny wax finish behind which will repel water.

3. Salt

Salt is a great scrubbing agent on it’s own, and when combined with some of these other ingredients can be a great tool in your cleaning arsenal. Pouring a combination of salt and hot water down your drains regularly can help keep them clean and clear. Add a bit of lemon for an extra dash of deodorizing! No one wants to spray chemicals right near the food in their fridge, right? Combine club soda a bit of salt on a clean cloth to wipe out the grime.

4. Dryer Sheets

Skip the air freshener, you’ve got it sitting right in your laundry room! Yes, dryer sheets are great for freshening up dresser drawers, shoe bins, trash cans, etc. Similar to wax paper, dryer sheets can be rubbed on baseboards, blinds, and other furniture to keep dust, dirt, and pet hair from accumulating. You can even use them in the bathroom! Use it to scrub the soap buildup off of shower doors or give the ring around your toilet bowl a scrub. Of course, you can use them in the traditional way but rip them in half and use one half per load to stretch your dollar even farther. Again, keep your eye on the Flipp app and stock up when they go on sale!

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda isn’t just for chocolate chip cookies, although really that’s its best use. It is a great scrubbing agent and can help remove buildup and mineral deposits around your house. Remember how awesome vinegar is? Add baking soda and vinegar together in a bowl just enough to make a loose paste. You’ve just made your own scrubbing product, perfect for that ring around the tub. Clogged drain? No problem! Sprinkle some baking soda, add some vinegar and you’ve got yourself a cleaning volcano that kids will love to watch. An open box kept in your fridge can also help absorb odors, keeping it smelling fresh.

Cleaning with more natural products usually means it’s cheaper and easier for you, plus you have the added benefit of it being kid and pet safe! Of course, you always want to test a small area on whatever surface you are cleaning to be sure that it interacts well.

So there you go, my top tips for making Spring cleaning a breeze! I share more cleaning tips and tricks over on FunCheapOrFree.com and share all my budgeting secrets on BudgetBootCamp.com so check them all out, and happy cleaning!

If you have any additional spring cleaning tips let us know below!