I tend to do Black Friday a little differently than most people.

I don’t get up super early, nor do I wait hours in line for an over-sized TV. And yet, I’m able to nab just about everything on my shopping list, not only at a great price, but also without feeling the least bit stressed!

My secret? Black Friday hacks! These tips help you avoid the Black Friday rush, land a sweet bargain, and do it all without any of the Holiday hassle.

1. Have a Designated Driver

Black Friday is already crazy, so if you have to drive around looking for a parking space on top of everything else, you’ll waste a ton of time! Designate a family member or friend {someone who isn’t that interested in shopping} to be your driver for the day. They can drop you off at the door, and pick you up when you’re ready. Efficiency at it’s finest.

2. Join store mailing lists before the big day

Most of the big department stores—Kohls, JCPenney, Macy’s, etc, send you coupons via email if you’re signed up for their mailing list. I know…who wants more junk mail, right? But if you sign up, download the coupons you need, and unsubscribe later, you’re likely to receive 10-20% off on top of Black Friday deals.

3. Buy stocking stuffers at the drug store

Drug stores like Walgreens and CVS are often overlooked for Black Friday deals, but you can actually get great stocking stuffers for just pennies! Check your Flipp app to see what’s on sale, then stock up on little candies, travel sized toiletries, gum, and more.

4. Load up on snacks

I don’t know about you, but shopping makes me really tired…and cranky. Make sure you have a purse full of healthy snacks to munch on while you’re in line at each store. Granola bars, nuts, or even a small bag of popcorn will keep you energized throughout the day. Pack a cooler of water in the trunk too so you stay hydrated too.

5. Only buy what you came for

It’s super tempting to knock out your entire gift list on Black Friday, but with so many shoppers doing the exact same thing, it quickly turns into a total nightmare! Stick to the list of deals you saw in each Flipp ad, then dash in and out of the store as quickly as possible. You don’t want to spend the entire Holiday weekend recovering from your shopping spree. I’d much rather recover from a turkey-induced food coma instead!

Even if you don’t enjoy the whole Black Friday madness, it’s still a great day to score dozens of discounts. Besides, if you have any weddings or showers to go to next year, you’ll want a stash of $10 crockpots just in case!

Kalyn Brooke is a writer and blogger living in Southwest Florida. She runs the popular lifestyle site, CreativeSavingsBlog.com, which inspires women to be more efficient with their time, home, and budget.