Football season is in full swing, so now is the perfect time to throw a tailgate party with family and friends. Here are five ways to save and enjoy the event on a budget.

1) Plan your tailgate recipes before you shop

The key to saving money is planning ahead. Start with the Browse tab in Flipp to see what’s on sale at your local stores. Plan your tailgate meal around the best deals.

2) A slow cooker is your best friend

You can buy cheaper cuts of meat and make them taste like a million bucks with a slow cooker. One of my favorite recipes for tailgating is slow cooker cheesesteak sandwiches.

3) Cook your food before the party

Make a delicious dip in your slow cooker, like this creamy chicken wing dip. By cooking your food before the tailgate begins, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also free up your time to enjoy the celebration.

4) Don't forget the dollar store

A dollar store is a great place for tailgating staples like paper plates, napkins, foil baking pans, tablecloths, tin foil, and utensils.

5) Share parking costs

Tailgating in the stadium’s main parking lot is part of the fun, but you can save on parking by carpooling. Meet your party in a free parking lot nearby, then climb into a single car and split the cost for the main lot. Remember to obey seat belt laws, and never drink and drive.