The kiddos will be back in school in no time! Do you have all of your shopping done yet? If you’re like many parents and you haven’t quite finished checking everything off your list, you’re in luck! The Labor Day weekend sale bonanza is almost here and you’ll find amazing buys between now and then.

So how can you maximize your savings by cherry-picking the best deals now? Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers! I’m Flipp’s new Savings Expert and my specialty is fast and easy saving strategies. And I can tell you that one of the best strategies for back-to-school savings is buying the right stuff at the right time. Here are the five best bargains to snap up before Labor Day.

  1. School supplies. Pencils, pens, binders, lunch boxes, backpacks—all of the back-to-school basics are deeply discounted now. At Staples for example, you can find 17-cent notebooks and 50-cent packs of crayons during the few weeks before September. The secret to saving big is to shop at multiple stores, snapping up the juiciest bargains at each one. Keep in mind that many of these special deals are not offered online—they’re designed to get you in the door and spend, spend, spend! And those non-sale items can erase your savings fast!

  2. Warm-weather clothing. Let’s face it, your kids may be begging for a new back-to-school wardrobe, but they’ll be wearing summery clothing for at least the next few weeks. The good news is that you couldn’t pick a better time to pick up some fresh warm-weather clothes thanks to the amazing end-of-season sales going on right now. Macy's, for example, often has kids’ tees and leggings for just $14.99. Look for items that will easily transition into the fall. Waiting to buy the bulk of your school wardrobe is smart because Columbus Day sales are right around the corner, which is the best time to pick up fall clothing, especially jeans.

  3. Non-perishable lunch supplies. Stockpile items you can use for lunches—multipacks of juice boxes, water bottles, granola bars, fruit cups, potato chips, single-serve applesauce and peanut butter packs, trail mix, dried fruit, fruit strips, and jerky. By buying now, you’ll save money and start the year off feeling organized and ready for the onslaught. Don’t hesitate to buy in bulk if you have the storage space. These items can last for months. Make a shopping list on the Flipp app and every week check for markdowns—if an item goes on sale, you will find it there.

  4. Electronics. Computers, calculators, USB drives, headphones, portable chargers, printers, and other tech accessories are on sale now. But don’t worry if you don’t have the budget right now—when Black Friday rolls around in late November you’ll find plenty of juicy deals again.

  5. Organizers and desk supplies. Setting up a desk for your child to do her homework and stash her school supplies? Now is a great time to shop, especially since retailers are at the tail end of the back-to-college season and clearing out dorm-room supplies. Desk chairs, pencil holders, and storage bins are on sale now at many retailers, including ACE hardware, Michael’s, and Staples.

Lisa Lee Freeman is the Flipp Savings Expert, helping shoppers score the best deals on the best stuff. Her specialty is fast and easy saving strategies. She appears frequently on national TV, including the Dr. Oz Show, the Today show, and Good Morning America, and is a contributor to