Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com and BudgetBootCamp.com, here. It’s Back to School season here at the Page house! One of the best times to talk with your kids about their day is over an after school snack! Snacks at the store can be overpriced and often filled with junk. Today I’m sharing 3 Ways to Save on Snacks While Keeping It Healthy!

Buy In Bulk

If you read my blog you know how much I love Costco and buying in bulk. Snack items like granola bars, fruit snacks, chips, trail mix, applesauce pouches, string cheese, and nuts (just to name a few) are SO much cheaper in bulk, not to mention the ziptop bags you can use to organize it all! If you are worried you won’t get through the perishable items like string cheese and nuts in time, stick them in your freezer. That’s right! Just throw them in the freezer and they’ll last up to 3-6 months! One of the ways I like to save even more on snacks is to stock up on bulk items when there is a big sale, offer, or coupon. I use the Flipp app which offers coupons you can clip right to your rewards card for instant savings at checkout! Find places around your house to store extra non-perishables like a pantry/closet or under the bed, wherever you can find a spot so you can maximize those savings! If you don’t have a deep freezer I highly recommend getting one so you can stock up on perishable items as well.

Do Your Own Prep

If you are buying those cute little individual sized snack packs of crackers or chips I can almost guarantee you are spending way too much money! Anytime you buy something that is individually wrapped you are paying someone else to do that work for you. You can save a TON of money by doing the prep work yourself! Use the Flipp app to search the ads in your area, find the best deals on produce, cheese, etc., then have a prep session! Here are a few ideas:

Veggies - Buy an assortment of vegetables at the store like carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers. When you get home take a few minutes right then to wash, chop, and put them in individual snack containers. Voila! You can even get small condiment cups with lids (you can find them in the paper goods aisle) and make peanut butter, hummus, or ranch to-go cups which are perfect for dipping.

Crackers - Do your kids love fishy crackers? Who doesn’t? Skip over those individual sized bags and go for the big container and some snack sized zip top bags. Divide the entire container between the bags and then store those in a basket where your children can access them easily. No more spills all over the floor as they are trying to maneuver a heavy box and no stale crackers from the lid being left open.

Cheese - Those cheese squares are so cute and fun but you’re paying so much extra when you can slice it yourself! Buy a block of cheese, use a kitchen scale to slice up 1 oz. sections, and store them in a tupperware in the fridge. Now when your children want a cheese square it’s all set to go!

Make It Fun

I personally love getting my kids cooking in the kitchen with me and this is a great opportunity! Snacks usually involve no heat sources and little to no chopping or slicing which makes it perfect for even the pre-schooler.

Let them help assemble the snacks and get creative with it! You can search Pinterest for tons of ideas like ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, and raisins), banana popsicles (frozen bananas, dipped in yogurt, and rolled in coconut flakes, yogurt chips, or graham cracker crumbs), or pull out different items like raisins, crackers, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, pretzel sticks, etc. and give each kid a baggie to make their own snack mix!

Another way we make it fun is by adding music! A dance party in the kitchen is always a good idea. After a long day at school we all need a minute to have fun and let loose!

So there you go, 3 Ways to Save on Snacks While Keeping It Healthy! I share more money saving tips and tricks over on FunCheapOrFree.com and share all my budgeting secrets on BudgetBootCamp.com so check them all out, while you’re eating a snack of course!

If you have any additional healthy after school snack tips let us know below!