Preparing for your shopping trip is half the battle. Are you using your shopping list to its full potential?

Here are 3 ways you can optimize Flipp’s shopping list to cut your planning time in half.

1. Plan on your computer, execute on your phone.

Did you know that you can sync your Flipp account across multiple devices? Once you create a Flipp account, sign in to access all of your clippings, shopping lists, coupons and store cards on each device. Not only does it work across your tablet and phone, it also works on our web version at when you are on a desktop computer.

Our desktop version offers the same features as the app, with the benefit of a larger screen to browse weekly ads on. Clip items and coupons and add items to your shopping list for easy access in store. Your list will sync to your mobile app as long as it’s connected to the internet.

2. Build your list together.

It’s the era of sharing! Unless you live alone and shop for one, you’re most likely going to need to share your shopping list duties. Gone are the days where you have to text a partner to remind them to get that gallon of milk—have them add it to your shared shopping list on Flipp instead!

You can invite a partner and combine your shopping lists to capture everyone’s requests. Any added items will be updated in real-time so you always have the most recent list. Make sure you keep any surprises or gifts off the list to avoid any awkward moments! ;)

3. Let Flipp recommend your staples.

Your app can do a lot of the work for you! Our Recommended List is a feature that displays items you may need on a weekly basis. It not only gives you suggestions based on our most popular items, but it also learns what you’ve added in previous weeks and suggests these items back to you to be added with the tap of a finger.

Bonus: this list is kid-friendly! If you have little ones, get them to help you with your shopping list by tapping on the food icons to have a little fun while you’re planning.

How do you use Flipp’s shopping list to save time on your planning? Share your tips in the comments below!